the stage

Set on our private 1,500 square foot production floor, the stage provides a 2 wall horizonless cyc. A self-controlled production studio side HVAC system and acoustical treatment create a production environment for any video / film need and is often used for interviews as well as small effects-driven shoots. The 20×20 Cyc (14’6” ceiling) comes green (a fresh coat of paint can be applied by request at an additional cost). The facility includes a lighting and grip package in order to provide a cost effective solution necessitating a minimal crew. Mass Green Screen also produces shoots in-house, complete with crews, editorial, audio and image finishing all the way through delivery via our parent agency The Franchise Group.

Loading dock/elevator/stage info

3 Loading dock bays

Bay 1: 8’ x 10’ door
Bay 2: 10’ x 10’ door
Bay 3: 10’ x 10’ door

2 Freight Elevators

Larger 10’ wide x 12’ deep – 14’ on angle
Smaller 10’ x 10’ – 12’ on angle

Entrance to Green Screen Stage

6’ wide x 7’ tall

Green Screen Stage

20’ x 20’ 2 Wall Corner Cyc
14’ 6” ceiling height
Prelit with 16 warm white (2700K) soft lanterns
Complimentary Wifi
11’ x 10’ production room/office w/50’ LED monitor
Hair & Makeup Area
Sound Booth (coming soon)

Possible list of uses for the studio & examples:

The stage is home to production companies, advertising agencies, indie filmmakers, music video professionals, design houses, web and media companies as well as our parent company and on-site agency, The Franchise Group (TFG).

Whether a full or half day, photography or video shoot, casting call or corporate video – Mass Green Screen has you covered. Contact us today to book our production facility for your next shoot and one of our associate producers will be in touch right away.

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